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Exerpt: Gilded Corpses

"...Gilded Corpses can be as often wrong as they are right, but when it comes to sifting through mountains of memory data, they can form stunningly accurate conclusions to complex problems. This ability is only increased when multiple corpses are "networked" together, being able to grow fibers of fungal mycelium or even fuse together, transferring and exchanging memory data gleaned from their hosts. Colonies of Gilded Corpses can effectively form small networks that allow the storage and rapid exchange of information, so long as they are connected..."

Exerpt: Phoric Tech

"...pieces of this chitin are fused together using living tissue, and a sphincter-like hatch is married to the back. The other components also combined with the shell include water scrubbing membranes or re-oxygenating water cyclers and a few other life support systems, all of which are culled from natural creatures or sponges. 


The resulting suit gives the Ephoyric the structure they need to stand upright on land, as well as the modified breathing apparatus needed to survive in one of the two hostile environments, with the most common type of suit being the one used for exploring oceanic Abhourite zones. 


The Ephoyric have a strong industry that revolves around farming the various flora, fauna, and artifacts that can be found within these zones, with many of their most advanced biotech coming from the unusual mutations the Abhourite can generate..."

Exerpt: Synth Wave Sleep

"...“I’ve been thinking about returning to the Dreamsim again.” Lights flickered from inside metal-rimmed eye sockets as the voice spoke out over the icy wastes. Metal arms clicked on the metal railing as snow billowed overhead. A camera lens unfocused as the voice listened to it’s internal audience, as the light from it’s socket dimmed. In a moment, it glowed bright and steady, another color filtering through the snow fall.

“Is this reality not enough?” The machine’s posture shifted, pistons stiffening as it stood and gripped the rail, as if fearful the snow would blow it away were it not vigilant.

“We have just arrived. There could be so much more to it.”

The colors shifted again, the dim flickering light returning as the machine adjusted it’s jacket, tugging aimlessly at a plastic sleeve..."


More examples and completed works available upon request.

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